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John Ashenden was born July 23 1986 in Jacksonville, Florida to Edward and Deborah Ashenden. He attended Alimacani Elementary School and Providence Middle school. In middle school he met Will Pafford who later played an important role in the development of his musical career. John attended Paxon School for The Advanced Studies in 2000. Graduating with a diploma in the International Baccealureate program he went on to attend the University of Florida in Gainesville, Fl. Majoring in Computer Science (Software) Engineering he still lives there today.

John began to play drums as soon as he was able to walk. He continued to express intrest until late elementary school when he quit playing. It was for another three years when he met Will Pafford that he started to play again. Joing up with fellow musician and bass player Marc Vanderlaan and Singer Brandon Thompson; he and Will formed Nevertheless. At the same time he and Marc Vanderlaan formed another Band called Rodeo Drive <> with Chris Williams and Jay Fields. Eventually NeverTheLess became "...and this is my odyssey" <> after dropping Brandon. Since then John has joined The Most, as well as Venetia <> (headed by Parker Hastings).